Wilderness Electric Vehicles presents:

The Long-Haul re-Cycle

Solar powered electric assist Cargo Bicycle

"How ya gonna get there without any Gas? (or its just too expensive!!)"

"And how ya gonna get your stuff there?"

 Go with gasoline and money free transportation!!


The pick-up truck of bicycles!


Specifications:      -Welded steel frame with aluminum bolt on brackets

                              -24" or 26" front wheel with heavy duty 20" rear wheel

                            -350watt, 24 volt hub motor kit installed, electric assist

                            -Two 25 watt solar panels (50 watts) w/ 24 volt charge controller

                            -Tough lock box (31"x17"x14") and/or padded seat for kids

                            -350 watt power inverter optional for 110VAC mobile electricity



Note: Comfortable walking = 2 MPH, brisk walking = 3MPH.

The average person (non-athlete) can create about 70 watts of power on a bicycle and travel about 10-12 MPH for about an hour or two before being exhausted.

This electric cargo bike can carry you and your gear @ 16 mph for about 3 hrs a day on free sunshine power! And if you pedal with it, you can do much more! This bike is up to 8 times more efficient than walking!


Built from recycled bikes and parts- 6 month warranty



Three purchasing options:

1- Cargo bike only $150 to $245

(single or multi speed)

2- Cargo bike with electric kit add $300

(350 watt 24 volt)

3- Cargo bike w/ electric & solar add $600

(50 watts of solar w/ lock box)


(Shipping charges are extra. We can ship these to most places in the world.)


For Additional information see : www.wildernessev.net



Registration, Insurance, License,Tickets, Parking fees, Gasoline! (no fuel costs!), Smoke, Noise, Vibration




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