Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are what you want. They are amazing! They give you four times the performance of lead acid batteries, and weigh 1/4th the weight.

They last up to 3,000 charging cycles, which is up to 15 years of use! (In comparison, new lead/acid batteries allow about 700-900 recharging cycles, and therefore last only about 3-5 years.) So in the long run, lithium batteries are a better deal cost wise, even though they may cost you $7,000 dollars vs. $1,800 of lead/acid.

Also, because lithium batteries have 1/4 the weight of lead/acid batteries, a car converted with lithium batteries may weigh actually LESS than the original with internal combustion engine!

As a result, vehicles converted with lithium batteries get a range of up to 120 miles or more, driving at highway speeds!

Lithium batteries are truly a game changer in EV world!

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