The Economics of Electric Vehicle Conversion

The best EV system you can put in, with Lithium batteries, will cost you about $10,000 installed.

A new electric car will cost you $40,000 and more, whereas here you can convert your existing car for 1/4th the cost!

Even if you charge your car from an electrical outlet for about 2 cents a mile, instead of solar panels for ZERO cents a mile, you will still be saving about $2,300 a year in gas money, and possibly MUCH more if oil prices go up as they probably will!

Also, an Electric Vehicle has only ONE moving part, instead of 250 moving parts in internal combustion engine. You will save big on maintenance and repair costs. You will need no oil changes, no radiators, no coolants, no catalytic converters, no exhaust system, no mufflers, no valves, no manifolds, etc. Put together, you will save about $2,500 to $3,000 per year in fuel and maintenance, and possibly MUCH more if oil prices go up.

What does this mean?

It means that for an investment of $10,000 you are getting $3,000 a year return on investment! That's 30% return on investment every year! A 30% ROI is HUGE! Stock market in general gives you 8% (if not -8%)! It is an AWESOME investment!

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