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Highway Performance EV Conversion Kit For Mechanics Is Here!

Convert almost any car or light truck, weighing 5,000 pounds or less, to a highway performance electric vehicle using our excellent kit! (Automatic transmission conversion kit is coming very soon!)

Consider the awesome benefits of driving electric:

  • Enjoy driving at highway speeds for as little as 2 cents a mile, instead of 20+ cents per mile with gasoline. (And soon it will be much, MUCH higher. Let's just say, if the oil supply chain is disrupted, you will be the only one on the road! Imagine that!)
  • Enjoy the flexibility of multiple power sources: solar power, wind turbine, electric outlet, or a portable generator!
  • Electric vehicles have ONE moving part, as oppose to 200 moving parts in an internal combustion engine. Your cost of car maintenance and repair will go dramatically down!
  • Your car may outperform a sports vehicle on acceleration, complements to tremendous starting torque of electric motors!
  • You will contribute to cleaner environment.
  • As a mechanic, you can charge your customers about 20 hours of labor for this kit installation.
  • As a distributor of the kit you will enjoy our discount as well!

We will provide you with detailed instructions how to install the kit. You will also be able to collaborate with other mechanics who install our kits. (Please, see Installation Instructions, Q&A, Videos, and Mechanic's Blog for more information).

You have multiple options of range, once the kit is installed. The range depends on the batteries, which are not part of the kit, and are acquired separately according to your preferences and requirements:


Range per Charge @ Highway Speeds

Cost of Batteries

Min. Charging Time

Battery Life: # of Charging Cycles

Regular Lead/Acid Batteries

25 miles


4 hours (220 VAC)
8 hours (110 VAC)
700-900 cycles
(approx. 3-5 yrs)

Aircraft Quality Lead/Acid Batteries

50 miles

Up to $3,000

As little as 1 hour. (220 VAC)

(approx. 5 yrs)

Lithium Batteries

100+ miles!


As little as 1 hour. (220 VAC)

Up to 3,000 (up to 15 years)

Battery + Generator in the car. (Series Hybrid!)

50+ miles per gallon!

$1,800 & 7KW+ Generator

Continuous Driving!

Depends on choice of batteries

Here is the kit! It costs about $3,750! (Best price we have ever seen!)
See the order form below for details.

It includes detailed instructions for the mechanic. It takes about 20 hours for a mechanic to install.
(If you know how to pull an engine out, you can do it yourself!)

For itemized parts list, please see the order form bellow.

Order Form Is Here!

And YES! We do sell Lithium Batteries!

Give us a call about pricing!


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